Online Date Coach

Who is the Online Date Coach?
A girl who has been through the ups and downs of dating, just like you. I’ve had good relationships that never worked, great relationships that couldn’t go the distance, and some bad relationships that taught me valuable lessons. I’ve been on blind dates, online dates, double dates, Dutch dates, good dates, bad dates, and everything in between before I married the man of my dreams and love of my life. I can be your go-to girl to quickly find the love you deserve.

What I do for my clients
I’m a certified life coach working with ladies who are fed-up with the dating process. I share secrets of how to find the best guys, make a great impression, and keep them all interested in YOU. My clients enjoy the dates they go on because they learn easy ways to find a better dating experience with date worthy guys.

Why I love what I do!
Dating can help you find someone to love forever but dating also helped me learn about myself. Knowing what your best qualities are so critical to your dating success. Being able to showcase them in front of someone you really like is extremely difficult. Determining the perfect approach and knowing how to spin the “love crush” to your advantage, not your disadvantage, happens to be my area of expertise.

How can I help you?
My clients love my fun, optimistic, down-to-earth but no-nonsense attitude on dating. I ask all the right questions to quickly guide you toward your relationship goals. You deserve the best relationship of your life, but you won’t find it if you stay in the same dating rut holding you back. I will coach you on the ups and downs that come with men and dating, and help you find the relationship that’s right for you.


“Your viewpoint helped strengthen my belief that my life is unfolding in the most appropriate time and in the most appropriate way. You are good!”

– Kate; Morristown, NJ


“You are the 2011 version of Carrie Bradshaw on dating and relationships, like its’ your research, and then you help others by sharing your insight.”

- Amanda; Columbus, SC


“Girl, thanks for your thoughts. Your suggestions have helped me through the months. They’re helping me keep the guys, and I mean plural… I met that guy and now he calls me every day, 3x a day, and wants my attention… love it!”

– Alison; New Brunswick, NJ