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Meet The Right Man:

Finding Your Path To Love

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Stop wasting time with the wrong men. If finding the right man is what you want, this book has everything a single girl needs to stay on track.

Today’s dating scene may seem different but “the game” is the same. Avoid being played for a fool. Finding the right man means redefining what you want.

Know the difference between a bad date and a dating rut.

This book offers a modern approach to traditional dating etiquette. Proven techniques that can be applied to any dating environment, including the Internet.

Reach your goals faster than ever imagined when you have a clear mission. Take the dreaded “interview process” out of dating and add some purpose.

The most direct path to love and happiness comes from you but you’re not in this alone. This book will show you how to fulfill your deepest romantic desires. See how easy it is to transform the things you want into the things you have. Careful what you wish for. Many of these ideas and techniques are based from neuroscience. Which means, when it comes to love and happiness, attitude is everything.

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About the Author

A true pioneer of twenty-first century dating. Jersey girl, Kimberly Houghtaling, has been in the dating scene since the dawn of the Internet Age. Known to some as the Online Date Coach, Kim’s career in personal development began when she became fixed on making her own dates more meaningful. The quest to meet the right man was born.

After finishing with college in 2004, Kim decided to shift her focus and started training as a personal development coach at the Life Coach Institute. A program founded by one of the worlds most recognized leaders in behavioral research. Combining those skills with more than a decade of dating experience, Kim started the research for her first book in 2010.


“Your viewpoint helped strengthen my belief that my life is unfolding in the most appropriate time and in the most appropriate way. You are good!”

– Kate; Morristown, NJ

“You are the 2011 version of Carrie Bradshaw on dating and relationships, like its’ your research, and then you help others by sharing your insight.”

- Amanda; Columbus, SC

“Girl, thanks for your thoughts. Your suggestions have helped me through the months. They’re helping me keep the guys, and I mean plural… I met that guy and now he calls me every day, 3x a day, and wants my attention… love it!”

– Alison; New Brunswick, NJ