On-line dating has revolutionized singles dating. With the challenges of dating in today’s world, more and more people are turning to the internet.


One of the numerous benefits of on-line dating is that many of the communication and even location barriers are playing less and less of a role in people’s relationships. We live in a world that is ever evolving and using dating websites to develop relationships is becoming increasingly common.

We encourage the idea that true love finds itself and support anyone who prefers traditional methods of meeting people and dating. However, the world is a very large place and the chance of encountering your soul mate in your day to day life is small, especially if you are busy or overly shy. This is where dating websites can be a great tool; there are a large amount of on-line resources available at your fingertips to help make this search a lot easier.

On-line dating can seem like a daunting endeavor at first but it is actually a very simple process. Joining a dating website is fast and easy and provides a convenient means of meeting other singles. Once you have joined a website, it is simply a matter of answering a few basic questions and creating your online dating profile before you can start contacting potential matches. The speed, ease and convenience of online dating make it the perfect option for busy people without the time or energy for traditional dating methods.

There are two ways that on-line dating helps you avoid embarrassment. The first is obvious; dating websites prevent you from having to get rejected, or reject anyone, in person. The second is something you may not have thought of. People may hold back feelings or thoughts when meeting in person because they are too embarrassed to talk about them, but when people write on-line they tend to disclose more about themselves, which lets you get to know them better. In other words, on-line dating creates a lower potential for embarrassment that helps people feel more comfortable opening up about themselves.


There are risks unique to this style of dating. For one thing, it’s very easy to be seduced by the informality of instant messaging.

Remember the scene in Bridget Jones’ Diary when Rene Zellweger gets lured into sexually charged email banter initiated by her boss Hugh Grant? Conducting e-relationships can be tricky because email often allows people to become too casual too fast. It’s advised that ‘less is more’ when writing a dating bio or message. Too many intense feelings can scare men and women away.

Online dating can also make it more difficult to weed out the ‘undesirables’. Oprah has counseled many a woman who become involved in ‘fantasy relationships’ that never materialize. Fantasy men typically chat up a storm and never ask the woman out.

Finally, don’t believe everything you read. Most on-line dating services ask participants to fill out long questionnaires about themselves. Women usually put a lot of thought into these, but men don’t. A man may indicate that his favorite movie is ‘The Notebook’ and he loves romantic walks on the beach. This will certainly attract women. But, in reality, most men would choose to watch rugby on TV over the beach walk, and ‘The Godfather’ is a more likely contender in the ‘Favorite Movie’ category.

About the Author:

Jonathan is the Managing Director of Warehouse Dating, a group of unique dating sites and informative blogs which strives to make online dating just a little better. A published author, writer for The Huffington Post and a keen Boxer dog owner. You can follow Jonathan on his blog, TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.







Each day could be a struggle or a triumph.

It’s your choice. And if you happen to be in a long-distance online relationship, every day could feel like a struggle. Especially when you’ve never even met.

In the past, I’ve had a long-distance online relationship. It started on social media, so I know exactly how it feels to look forward to his call or text.

And when you do hear from him…Boom! Instant high. Until something happens and you wonder

Is this relationship good for me?

So many people say how distance makes the heart grow fonder. Well, that may be true but it’s not distance that ruins the relationship. It’s doubt.

3 reasons why long-distance online relationships
aren’t such a great idea:

 1.)      You never truly know the truth.

The person you’re talking to is a figment of your imagination because you don’t know who he really is. You only know what he lets you know.

2.)      You worry more often than you’re happy.

When you’re constantly thinking about some guy who lives 3000 miles away, you’re not really enjoying what you’re doing. You’re worrying about what he’s doing.

3.)      You put your love life on hold.

Love is holding his hand, hello hugs and kisses goodnight. When you don’t have those things, each day that passes means putting your love life on hold.

If a long-distance online relationship is what you want than you learn to live with the doubts, not with the love.

But…if you’re tired of living the fantasy and you want to know, will this relationship help me meet my goals, grab a copy of my new book.

Meet The Right Man: Finding Your Path To Love >> http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1503544656?keywords=meet%20the%20right%20man&qid=1445613238&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

We all have had those guys who, for one reason or another, keep us hoping and holding on.

If this is you, write a comment and tell me about it.

I’d like to hear from you.


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